Jane Tyler talks about waste reduction at Campden BRI MIG

RedBlack Software managing director Jane Tyler is to appear at Campden BRI’s Food Service Member Interest Group (MIG) in London on January 26.

Jane, who is also the vice chairman of the British Society of Baking, is to present a session entitled “The power of prediction: how to use enhanced forecasting technology to cut waste and increase sales”.

Jane Tyler, managing director, RedBlack Software

Jane Tyler, managing director, RedBlack Software

Food waste presents a tricky balancing act for retailers, especially as they have undertaken to drive down food waste by a further 20% by 2025 under the Courtauld agreements.

On the one hand, the amount of food they throw away is far outstripped by the mountain that is wasted by their consumers. On the other, the UK’s retail bakery, cake and cereals sector alone produces at least 90,000 tonnes of avoidable waste per year.

Jane will explain how, faced with fierce competition and Courtauld-driven sustainability targets, food retailers, and particularly those that make fresh food instore, are revisiting an age-old dilemma. Make too much and throw money in the bin at the end of the day, make too little – or at the wrong times – and you miss out on sales.

Jane will look at how forecasting and food retailing have been intertwined since the birth of commercial computing. She will bring things up to date with an analysis with our recent work with M&S on waste reduction and sales optimisation using our Cybake Instore solution. There will also be an overview of how we work on waste management with some of Britain’s biggest bakery chains.

Along the way, Jane will explain how modern-day developments in big data and analysis, combined with the agility of cloud-based applications, present an opportunity for retailers to predict optimal instore production better than ever before and to cut waste by at least 20%.