• Marks & Spencer to trial CyBake ordering software across five in-store bakeries

    “We are delighted to be working with M&S, one of Britain’s best-loved brands. I am really pleased that we can put our experience with automated sales-based ordering to the test at an enterprise level.”


    Jane Tyler
    MD RedBlack Software

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    Marks & Spencer to trial CyBake ordering software across five in-store bakeries
  • G. Atherley & Sons modernises with CyBake

    “When we had a look at what CyBake could offer, I realised that, actually, they had thought of everything.”


    Jo Atherley
    G. Atherley & Sons


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    G. Atherley & Sons modernises with CyBake
  • Wholesale Bakers

    “It’s CyBake that holds all that information together for us and converts it into recipes. We can then use it for costings as well as managing our costs and managing our prices…”


    Tom Herbert
    Hobbs House Bakery


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    Wholesale Bakers
  • Retail Bakers

    “Ultimately, we’re looking at reconciliation. We can look right from the beginning, from our raw materials through to our sales at the tills, and account for every step.”


    Simon Thomas
    Thomas the Baker


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    Retail Bakers
  • CyBake Touch

    “We can monitor our shops to see which ones are performing well, which ones aren’t, which ones are losing margin and which ones aren’t.”


    Martin Newbury
    Jenkins Bakery, Llanelli


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    CyBake Touch
  • CyBake

    “Sales-based ordering is great, we would never do without it. It allows us to have a decent amount in the shops at all times and balances out the ups and downs.”


    Richard Barrett
    Percy Ingle Bakeries


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Successful relationships

Independent bakers trust CyBake to deliver the answers they need to succeed and know we share their craft's values of reliability, innovation and high standards.


We have provided CyBake users with successful results for 15 years. Like many of our bakers, RedBlack Software is a family business that builds strong relationships with our customers.


We work closely with our clients and regularly speak and exhibit at industry events. You can be confident that we will understand the challenges facing your bakery and we'll know how to meet them.

Industry standard

CyBake users include retail bakeries, hand-finishing plant bakers, bread and morning goods wholesalers and confectioners and patisseries that bake to stock.


Our retailers include many of the big new names in craft bakery and a large number of the longest-established family firms in the UK and Ireland.


Our wholesalers range from big independents that sell to the supermarkets to local bakeries that supply restaurants, shops, schools and hospitals.



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CyBake users include

Boost profits, increase efficiency

Retail and wholesale bakers use our solutions to increase profitability and widen their margins. With CyBake, you get your production information earlier and with more accuracy to help you produce the right goods at the right time in the right amounts.


Fluctuations in ingredient prices are instantly represented in recipe costs, keeping you on top of margins and profitability. Stock-levels are optimised for maximum efficiency.


For retail bakers, real-time reports tell you which shops are performing, what products are profitable and where waste can be better managed. Our solutions streamline processes, cut manual administration and drive down costs.

Corporate-style insight

CyBake is the leading bakery management solution in the UK and Ireland. Our software gives independent bakeries the same kind of insight into their operations that the corporations use to carve out their profits.


Better information means better decisions and accurate analysis gives CyBake users the edge to compete with the multiples.


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