Why struggle with spreadsheets?

Did you know that spreadsheets can be bad for your bakery?

How many tabs do you have on your main spreadsheet right now? Are you confident that every formula is correct? How much cut and pasting does it take to produce your delivery notes and invoices? What about repeat orders?

New bakeries often start off with spreadsheets to manage production. As they grow, the spreadsheets get increasingly complicated. Bakers end up inputting the same data into more than one spreadsheet, leading to errors and wasted time on multiple data entry. Sound familiar?

But what if you could have a single view of your data that was consistent and easily understood across your operation? How about a system that organised production as well as outputting your invoices and delivery notes without effort?

The Cybake 4 bakery management system gives you all this and more, replacing error-prone spreadsheets with an app that saves you huge amounts of time on admin and cuts errors.

What’s more, Cybake 4 automatically transfers your data to Xero, QuickBooks or Sage, eliminating yet another time-consuming task.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Lara Oddie, of WH Oddie in Colne, Lancashire, says: “It’s been revolutionary. If you are using spreadsheets, then Cybake is a major step up. It gives you a lot more flexibility with your repeats and your ability to alter permanents and temporaries and things like that. The order entry stuff is almost idiot-proof.”

Lisa Baker, of Taylors Bakery, Durham, says: “I absolutely love your program. It’s just brilliant, it really is. It’s 100% better than what we used to use. The invoicing, the delivery notes and everything is just so much more professional.”

It is also interesting to note that Robert McIlroy’s blog “Why spreadsheets are bad for bakers” is the most highly-read post ever on our website.

Would you like to see how Cybake 4 can end your struggle with spreadsheets, streamline your bakery and save you time? If so, give us a ring on 01904 622888, drop us a line on our contact page or email us at info@cybake.co.uk and we’ll schedule an online demo at your earliest convenience.