Wholesale bakers

Take full control, improve efficiency and manage costs with Cybake 4

Cybake 4 is all you need to control production, process orders and manage costs for your wholesale bakery. Advanced analytics give you unrivalled reporting into every aspect of your bakery business. Plus, Cybake 4 produces production sheets, packing lists, delivery notes and invoices.

As well as streamlining purchase orders, production planning and recipe management, integration with Sage, QuickBooks and Xero is now smoother than ever.

Perfect for wholesale bakers of all sizes, Cybake 4 offers friendly and reliable support, smooth implementation and pain-free migration from out-of-date software.

Cybake 4 is the latest version of our all-in-one bakery management solution and is entirely cloud-based.

Cloud-based Cybake 4 features a new deliveries planner and a wide-screen interface.

Online customer orders module: save time, reduce errors and attract new business

With Cybake 4’s Inbound module, we give your bakery its own online product catalogue, letting your wholesale customers place their orders on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Each wholesale customer sees their own easy-to-use, customised product list which tells them what items they have on standing order, what they have ordered before, when they ordered it and more.

Customers get a simpler, clearer way of interacting with your bakery. Staff costs, phone bills and hours spent rectifying errors are all reduced. Orders are more accurate, meaning less waste. Customer satisfaction is increased, leading to better sales.

New accounts are attracted by the convenience of ordering online and Cybake Inbound makes it easier to push messages about promotions or seasonal items to your clients.

Allergen and nutritional module: food information compliance made easy

Cybake 4’s Infood module is the quick and easy way to comply with the UK’s Food Information Regulations (FIR/FIC/EU No 1169/2011).

Cloud-based Cybake Infood® takes food information direct from recipes and feeds it straight through to labels, specification documents and even websites. This saves huge amounts of time and effort by removing the need for manual calculations of recipes and recipe composition.

By automatically arranging ingredients lists, tagging and converting allergens into bold, and calculating both front and back of pack nutrition tables, Cybake Infood ensures that the food information you produce is fully compliant with FIR.

Cybake 4 is easy to use and our support services are second to none. Whatever the size or scope of your wholesale bakery, why not contact us today to talk about how Cybake 4 can boost your business?

With Cybake, you’ve got your allergens, you’ve got your recipes, you’ve got your costings, you’ve got everything in the one place. We also use it for order processing, stock control and reports on things like best-selling products. — Sheila Dalgetty, Scotbake, Inverness

For each of our 250 customers, we also have about 250 products that we sell on a daily basis, so as much as we’re bakers we’re also into logistics. It’s Cybake that holds all that information together for us and converts it into recipes. We can then use it for costings as well as managing our costs and managing our prices and managing our accounts.– Tom Herbert, Hobb’s House Bakery, Chipping Sodbury