Wholesale Bakers

Wholesale bakers improve profits with Cybake

Our wholesale users range from big independents that sell to the supermarkets to local bakeries that supply restaurants, shops, schools and hospitals. They include hand-finishing plant bakers, bread and morning goods wholesalers and confectioners and patisseries that bake to stock.

Cybake for bread and morning goods bakers

Cybake’s Core module provides the tools to manage a wholesale/retail bakery efficiently. For example, constant fluctuations in ingredients prices seriously effect recipe costs. Our wholesalers use Cybake to alert them to these fluctuations, adjust to them and maximise their margins.

From order-taking through to payment collection, Cybake streamlines processes, cuts manual administration and drives down costs. Cybake produces your production sheets, packing lists, delivery notes and invoices. Implementation is quick and uncomplicated and our support team is always on hand to help. Full training is provided.

“For each of our 250 customers, we also have about 250 products that we sell on a daily basis, so as much as we’re bakers we’re also into logistics. It’s Cybake that holds all that information together for us and converts it into recipes. We can then use it for costings as well as managing our costs and managing our prices and managing our accounts.”

Tom Herbert, Hobb’s House Bakery, Chipping Sodbury

Cybake for confectioners or patisseries that bake to stock

Estimating how much to produce and ensuring sufficient stock is available, especially for last-minute orders, is difficult. Cybake maximises your margins by forecasting future production values based on existing orders, potential stock levels and average production history.

Cybake manages production, processes orders and controls production costs and margins. Plus, invoicing and reconciling payments are all taken care of, leaving you time to work on recipes and promoting your business.

“As part of our growth strategy, we needed to upgrade our IT systems and the smart software for bakers from RedBlack was the perfect solution to help future-proof our company and to give us the tools to run our day-to-day business more economically.”

James O’Dwyer, Just Desserts, Shipley, Yorks

Cybake for large independent wholesalers with complex needs

Cybake has a 18-year track record for providing results to the UK and Ireland’s most successful independent wholesale bakeries. Many functions within the system were developed together with our clients to meet their specific needs. We custom-fit our software to the way you work, not the other way round.

Following initial system-mapping and gap-analysis meetings, we install a tailored Cybake ERP solution that incorporates and improves upon existing business processes. As Cybake becomes an integral part of your own success-story, you can be sure that we will work with you to enhance and develop your system as your business needs change.

“I was looking for something off-the-shelf but when I started looking on the shelf I couldn’t really get it without putting the customisation in, to a certain extent. But then I think with RedBlack it came across well. Other bakers were using Cybake that were similar sorts of firms so I thought: ‘Well, I’m not going to be a one-off, I’m going to be one of many’. I thought the pricing was attractive as well.”

Graham Garratt, Geary’s Bakeries, Leicester

“We use the order processing, production information, invoices and delivery notes for the biscuits side and we’re also doing purchase-ordering through the system. The system deals with part-orders. We’re doing all our recipe costings on it, so it’s improved our knowledge of what everything’s costing us as well.”

Anne Scott, Grandma Wild’s, Steeton, Yorks