Three key reasons why you should upgrade to the cloud

If you use bakery management software and your application provider’s next step isn’t into the cloud, then, to our mind, you are not really being offered an upgrade. That’s because cloud-based applications will always beat their legacy counterparts hands-down in three key areas.

1. Cost. There is no doubt that using cloud-based applications saves you cash. With cloud applications like Cybake, you don’t have to spend money on hardware. There is no need to run your own server or worry about networks; everything is just delivered to you online.

Cloud applications like Cybake are subscription-based, so licencing costs go out of the window. Improvements to the app are made automatically, so the same goes for fees for upgrades or the costs involved in configuring them. In short, you get a lower cost of ownership and there’s no IT maintenance to pay for.

2. Convenience. You may have a legacy system to manage your bakery that you consider adequate. But can you take it out of the office?

One of the huge advantages of cloud applications is that they are always on and they are mobile. You can access them for the info you need any time, any place. In the case of Cybake, if you use its online ordering feature, your customers can place orders whenever and wherever they want too.

3. Reliability. Cloud applications are delivered from super-secure data centres. There is no need to worry about your server breaking down. If disaster strikes your site for any reason, your application (and all the data it contains) is still safe and fully backed up. Cloud-based applications are also far less likely to be the subject of cyber-attack.

If your current software vendor is just offering you more of the same, it could be time to break free from your back office with a more cost-effective, mobile and secure solution.

Jane Tyler is the managing director of Cybake creator RedBlack Software, vice-chair of the British Society of Baking and a regular speaker at food and technology industry events in the UK. You can follow her on Twitter at @Jane_RedBlack and on LinkedIn here.

About Jane Tyler

Jane Tyler founded RedBlack Software in 1998 and is the chief architect of Cybake, Britain’s leading bakery management software suite.