Here’s what twenty British bakers say about Cybake bakery management solutions


Craft bakers throughout the UK rely on Cybake to take control of their businesses, boost profits and cut waste. But don’t just take our word for it. Read on to find out what twenty of our users have to say about our Cybake solutions.


“Cybake functions well and it is very reliable which is critical in terms of an ordering system. It’s an efficient and effective way to produce your production figures. Cybake is designed specifically for the bakery industry and the idiosyncracies of the bakery business. Also important to us is integration with our shops, with the streamlining of stock and wastage. Cybake Infood has worked well for us with our labelling; we’ve found it to be very helpful.”

Edward Chatwin, Chatwins Bakery, Nantwich


“The key benefit is control. With Cybake, our store managers can change product orders, record waste and deliveries. This  is sent to our bakery electronically, reducing manual processing and improving accuracy.”

Graeme Mackie, S M Bayne & Co, Lochore


“Any question we might want to ask about our business – either on the production or retail side – all of that information is available at our fingertips through the Cybake reports.”

Alex Martin, Warrens Bakery, Penzance


“The support Cybake have given us through the migration from our old system has been excellent. We have started using Instore for ordering in the shops and have found it much easier to use.”

Lewis Maclean, MacLean’s Highland Bakery, Forres


“I guess what CyBake does is really help us to deliver great customer service – it doesn’t make the bread for us but it does a lot of the other things.”

Tom Herbert, Hobbs House Bakery, Bristol


“When we had a look at what Cybake could offer, I realised that, actually, they had thought of everything. Everything that I needed, even just some tiny things that may seem small, were inbuilt within the software, which takes a lot of hassle and headaches away.”

Jo Atherley, G. Atherly & Sons, Farnsfield


“Cybake is comprehensive. Everything’s all in one place for my job. It is also easy to learn. I’ve trained three people in just one day that can now use it while I’m not here. You don’t need to be completely IT-savvy to be able to use a system like this because most of it is self- explanatory and the support is absolutely fantastic.”

Susan Ward, Barbakan Delicatessen, Manchester


“Essentially, we are servicing more accounts in less time with more accuracy. Cybake has massively improved our accuracy and it’s massively improved our ability to assess the profitability of what we do.”

Tom Brucciani, Brucciani’s, Leicester


“Cybake has given me control of my business and it’s given me the confidence to be able to grow my business because I know it’s under control. It’s very, very informative, it’s good to work with and your people are very good to work with as well.”

Trevor Davidson, Davidson of Darras Hall, Newcastle


“We’ve been using Cybake for over twenty years. It does what it is supposed to do and it does it effectively. We do order processing and our recipes on it. We use it for loads of reports plus traceability and purchase orders. We’re using Infood as well and Cybake links up nicely with that.”

Jackie Dwyer, John Dwyer Bakery, Rugby


“The move to Cybake and Infood was really easy. We have just started using Instore to calculate how many products should go into each store based on previous sales data. These orders are proving more accurate than our manual ordering process.”

Ben Milne, Fisher and Donaldson, Fife


“It’s a layer deeper into the business than standard software that allows you more information which is key to sorting things out customer-wise, margin-wise, costings-wise and so on. Cybake is a systematic way of approaching your buying and selling processes and monitoring their up-to-date actions and reactions.”

Martin Rooney, Focused Nutrition, Stockport


“All our EDI orders are made through Cybake. All our orders are inputted and all our invoices are done via Cybake. All our recipes are run through Cybake and that all ties into its reports as well so we can keep an accurate overview of what we are making and what we are selling.”

Kevin Tinkler, Geordie Bakers, Newcastle


“Cybake is a user-friendly package that keeps everything together in the same place and works really efficiently. We use it mainly for processing orders, delivery notes, invoicing and costings. Cybake is a stable system that’s very functional for the bakery industry.”

Jonathan Walsh, Margaret Hall Bakery, Warwick


“It’s been revolutionary. If you are using spreadsheets, then Cybake is a major step up. It gives you a lot more flexibility with your repeats and your ability to alter permanents and temporaries and things like that. The order entry stuff is almost idiot-proof.”

Lara Oddie, WH Oddie, Colne


“Cybake dovetails nicely with Sage, so it creates a seamless transition from production to accounts and collection. It is very intuitive so anybody can drop on it and cover. And it’s very reliable; it has never let us down.”

Tony Duxbury, Sandersons Bakery, Blackburn


“With Cybake, you’ve got your allergens, you’ve got your recipes, you’ve got your costings, you’ve got everything in the one place. We also use it for order processing, stock control and reports on things like best-selling products.”

Sheila Dalgetty, Scotbake, Inverness


“Anyone we’ve taken on in the office has found Cybake easy to pick up; and the Cybake team listens to what we want. They’ve certainly accommodated us for anything that we need and that’s really different from just your standard program.”

Janette Smith, J&I Smith Bakers, Huntly


“I absolutely love your program. It’s just brilliant, it really is. It’s 100% better than what we used to use. The invoicing, the delivery notes and everything is just so much more professional.”

Lisa Baker, Taylors Bakery, Durham


“We use Cybake for all our order processing. The invoices then transfer to Sage. I would recommend Cybake because it’s not too complicated and it’s easy to handle.”

Hazel Paterson, Nevis Bakery, Fort William