Retail bakers

Drive profits, control your shops and reduce waste with Cybake 4


Cybake is the market-leading bakery management solution used by retail bakers to adapt, innovate and thrive in today’s tough market.

With cloud-based Cybake 4, you can stop struggling with spreadsheets, say goodbye to guesswork and link your back office to your shop floor, your shops, your deliveries and beyond.

Cybake 4 is an easy-to-use, all-in-one system that gives you true control over shop profitability and costs of sale and reports on margins for every one of your products.

As well as streamlining sales order processing, production planning and recipe management, integration with Sage, QuickBooks and Xero is now smoother than ever. Perfect for retail bakers of all sizes, Cybake offers friendly and reliable support, smooth implementation and pain-free migration from out-of-date software.

The result of twenty years’ work with retail bakers across the UK and Europe, the Cybake 4 bakery management system costs as little as £125 per month. Book a demo today!

Cybake 4 is a secure, pure cloud solution delivered via Microsoft Azure and developed specifically for the baking industry. It is not hosted software packaged as “cloud” and it is not general-purpose business software reskinned in order to appeal to bakers.

Perfect for retail bakers of all sizes, Cybake 4 offers friendly and reliable support, smooth implementation and pain-free migration from out-of-date software. There is no need to maintain your own servers and, with our modular approach, you only ever pay for what you need.

Cybake has delivered proven results and cost savings for our retail customers for two decades. Because we know that busy bakeries don’t do downtime, we pride ourselves on a smooth implementation process that will not interrupt operations. To talk about how we can help your bakery, why not get in touch?

Additional Cybake 4 modules for retail bakeries:

Retail replenishment and reconciliation module: increase sales and cut shop waste

Cybake 4’s Instore module takes historical sales data direct from your EPOS tills via the internet and/or uses calculated sales figures. It then forecasts shop orders in a way that is not practical manually. Waste is cut and sales are increased as orders suggested by Instore are far more accurate than those by shop managers.

Head office sets rules based on actual sales data having considered the profitability of each SKU. Suggested orders can be adjusted for local factors and the weather. Staff assumptions about consumers’ purchasing decisions (i.e. trade-offs/most preferred alternatives) are corrected.

Cybake 4’s Instore module takes the sales and usage data for items that are either sold directly (bread, cakes, drinks) or used as a component of a sold item (e.g. sandwich fillers) to predict future order quantities.

Increase sales – and boost the gross profit on each line
Cybake Instore maximises sales as well as cutting waste. By getting the right goods on sale at the right times in the right outlets, sales are optimised each day, boosting gross profit.
With Cybake Instore, you can improve the availability of high volume, high margin lines and minimise wastage on lower volume, lower margin items. Head office can monitor orders and outcomes in order to refine Instore’s algorithms, improving the profitability of each line even further.

Reduce shrinkage – save cash with reconciliation
With Cybake Instore, you gain ultimate control, ensuring the right products are made at the right time for the right outlets. Head office gets orders, sales, waste and shrinkage data on any web-connected device – PC, tablet, mobile.

Cybake Instore provides reconciliation of what was delivered with what was actually sold through the tills, highlighting any variances between the two. This helps to control sandwich filling portion sizes, for example.

With Cybake Instore you can also manage your shops’ orders for non-saleable items (cleaning equipment, packaging etc). This means that you can properly monitor their usage and shrinkage. This is a function that has saved users considerable (and sometimes surprising) amounts of cash over and above Instore’s usual cost-savings.

No new hardware needed – cloud-based, secure and easy to use
Multi-level access/permissions gives you control over who sees what data. Electronic data capture reduces mistakes, reduces data re-entry and standardises processes, with no paperwork required.

Allergen and nutritional module: food information compliance made easy

Cybake Infood® is the quick and easy way to comply with the UK’s Food Information Regulations (FIR or FIC/EU No 1169/2011).

By automatically arranging ingredients lists, tagging and converting allergens into bold – and calculating both front and back of pack nutrition tables – Cybake Infood ensures that the food information you produce is fully compliant with FIR legislation.

Cybake Infood is the only solution that can take food information direct from recipes and feed it straight through to labels, EPoS tills, till receipts, websites and specification documents. This saves huge amounts of time and effort by removing the need for manual calculations of recipes and recipe composition.

Automatic allergen alerts are built into new recipe creation. This is a failsafe way to ensure that the rules on allergens are always followed and any allergens used are always highlighted to the consumer. Just a few clicks automatically update labels across your entire product range.

You and your staff can connect to your Infood account via a browser on any web-enabled device – PC, EPoS till, tablet – at any time.

Cybake Infood includes reference libraries from McCance and Widdowson and ingredient suppliers with over 4500 typical nutritional values for common ingredients and finished products. With this encyclopaedic resource, “hidden” allergens (such as the sulphites commonly found in dried fruits) are highlighted and errors are eliminated, with no costly product recalls.

Cybake Infood can be linked to EPoS systems to print out on till receipts with label software like Bartender, Clarisoft and SATO; integrated with existing websites and online product catalogues; plus you can allow wholesale customers to log into a restricted access area where they can query the database for themselves.

Multi-wave demand forecasting and production planning module: fresher products, increased availability, more sales

BakePlan is Cybake’s unique production planning module. It uses advanced analytics to cut waste, increase sales and improve availability for your bake-off product range and sandwiches.

Shop staff are guided through each day’s peaks and troughs of demand via tablet or mobile. They prepare fresher products throughout the day, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and conversion.

BakePlan is designed so that staff not only buy into the solution; they are encouraged to stick to its recommendations. The system is proven to improve like-for-like sales by around 5% and cuts waste by 20%.

Retail bakeries have relied on Cybake solutions to keep them ahead of the high street for 20 years. If you would like to talk about joining them or to learn more or book a demo, why not contact us today?