Retail bakers

Stay ahead of the high street with Cybake

Cybake bakery management solutions streamline processes, drive down costs and increase profits at retail bakers throughout the UK and Ireland. Cybake users include a large number of the longest-established family firms and many of the big new names in craft/artisan bakery.

Most retailers start out with Cybake’s Core module, our proven collection of bakery management ERP essentials. Cybake Core gives them true control over sales order processing; daily production sheets; end-of-day production reports; invoicing; delivery notes; CRM; credit control; and sales management reports.

As an example, processing all orders and invoicing through Cybake Core – including third-party orders like crisps, drinks or sandwich fillings – allows a true cost of sale to be established. This way, the direct profitability of each bakery store is easily calculated. The same is true for sandwich vans/jiffy trucks and market stalls where financial controls are often less well defined.

Cybake Core also includes easy integration with all major accounts software packages, including Sage One, Sage 50, Sage 200, QuickBooks and Xero.

Mix and match

Many retail bakers use further modules. Our Cybake Recipes module, for example, produces accurate costings and margin reports for each and every product.

Our Cybake Purchasing module raises purchase orders so that supplier prices and recipe costs are always up to date. Cybake Purchasing users cannot be caught out by price rises from suppliers. The module’s goods-in tracking feature ensures that suppliers meet orders accurately.

Cybake’s Stock Control module keeps a record of all internal and external stock transactions to track theoretical stock usage compared against stock takes. Cybake Stock Control then provides a stock variance, along with variance value, so users can see any discrepancies at a glance.

All Cybake modules can be used as stand-alone systems or in conjunction with each other.

Cloud solutions

Many retail bakers also deploy our additional cloud solutions:

Cybake Instore® takes historical sales data from retail bakers’ EPOS tills to forecast shop orders in a way that is not practical manually. Waste is cut and sales are increased as the sales-based orders suggested by Cybake Instore are far more accurate than those by shop managers.

Retail bakers also use Cybake Infood®, the quick and easy way to comply with the UK’s Food Information Regulations (FIR or FIC/EU No 1169/2011).

Cybake Infood takes food information direct from recipes and feeds it straight through to labels, specification documents, websites and EPOS systems. This saves huge amounts of time and effort by removing the need for manual calculations of recipes and recipe composition.

Cybake solutions are easy to use and our support services are second to none. Whatever the size or scope of your retail bakery, why not contact us today to talk about how Cybake can boost your business?

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