RedBlack and toolbox team up after creating CyBake/dispotool software interface

York-based RedBlack Software has formed a technology alliance with German firm toolbox Software.

Both companies are market-leaders in the bakery industry. RedBlack is the creator of the CyBake bakery management software solution used by wholesale and retail bakeries across the UK and Ireland. Toolbox, which is headquartered in Eschweiler, Aachen, provides the dispotool automated order-picking, distribution and warehouse control system to bakeries around the world.

The two companies formed their relationship after creating an interface between their solutions for major Scottish baker Bayne’s, which is headquartered in Lochore, Fife, and operates 50 shops.

The new interface means that when orders are entered into CyBake, they are passed on automatically to dispotool. Distpotool then calculates where products will come from, where they need to be delivered and whether to prioritise certain customers in the event of limited stock.

Distpotool fulfills customer orders and then CyBake automatically issues an invoice from this data. Little oversight is needed at head-office while data re-entry and human error are eliminated. Costs are reduced, the quality of order fulfillment is improved and space in the warehouse/dispatch area is used more efficiently.

Having completed a successful trial at Bayne’s, RedBlack and toolbox are now offering the CyBake/dispotool interface to all British and Irish bakers that use both systems.

Toolbox’s International Sales Manager, Niklaas Wolters, says that judging from its first few British customers, his company can see big demand for a bakery-specific dispatch solution in the UK.

Wolters says: “After developing the interface at our first joint customer, Bayne’s, and the excellent collaboration between CyBake and toolbox, this was a logical step for us. As the world market-leader in picking systems and with CyBake as the UK market-leader in bakery ERP, it makes sense to solidify our partnership and to work together in the future.”

As part of their new partnership, CyBake specialists including RedBlack Software director Martin Coyle joined the toolbox team on their stand at the recent IBA in Munich. In addition, CyBake and toolbox will exhibit together at the Craft Bakers & Butchers Extravaganza on October 11 at the Yorkshire Show Ground, Harrogate.

RedBlack director Martin Coyle says: “Toolbox has a fantastic system that encapsulates all of the quality and efficiency you might expect from German designers. I am really looking forward to supporting toolbox as they introduce their system to craft bakers in the UK.”

The CyBake/dispotool interface is available now from both RedBlack Software and toolbox Software.

RedBlack Software director Martin Coyle (left) with toolbox Software’s International Sales Manager, Niklaas Wolters (right), on the toolbox stand at September’s IBA in Munich.

RedBlack Software director Martin Coyle (left) with toolbox Software’s International Sales Manager, Niklaas Wolters (right), on the toolbox stand at September’s IBA in Munich.

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About RedBlack Software: CyBake solutions from RedBlack Software are used by retail and wholesale bakers throughout the UK and Ireland to control their businesses and increase their profits. Its range includes bakery management solution CyBake, shop management solution CyBake Touch and the Infood food information system. For more information, see the CyBake website at

About toolbox Software: toolbox Software specialises in developing and implementing customised dispatching systems for industrial bakeries and retail chains. Its solutions are used by around 750 customers in more than 30 countries. For more information, see the toolbox website at