Make life easier with QuickBooks, Sage or Xero integration

At Cybake, we specialise in solutions for retail and wholesale bakers. We do not develop accounting software. Unlike other vendors in the bakery sector, we do not offer a promise that you can run all your financials on our applications.

Instead, cloud-based Cybake 4 automatically links with QuickBooks, Sage and Xero. All three leading accounting apps are also delivered via the cloud. All three were developed to encourage integration with the other business-critical applications their customers use.

This integration means that Cybake 4 concentrates on what it does well – order processing, invoicing, production, deliveries – while your accountancy package handles what it does best – sales ledger, credit control and so on. Data runs smoothly between Cybake 4 and your accounts app, giving users unified records across your operation in real time.

Quick Books, Xero and Sage offer the same cloud benefits as Cybake 4: there’s no need to maintain your own hardware, you can access your application wherever you go, and your data is secure and backed up continuously.

You’ve probably invested a lot of time and effort on your accounts system. But if you and your staff spend endless hours rekeying data from one application to another, then it may be time to look for a better way.

To find out how you can use Cybake 4 in tandem with your accounts app for as little as £125 a month, call us on 01904 622888, email us at or contact us via our website.

About Jane Tyler

Jane Tyler founded RedBlack Software in 1998 and is the chief architect of Cybake, Britain’s leading bakery management software suite.