CyBake Update newsletter, May, 2013: Scottish Bakers, fighting the multiples, ghostly tales, more..

CyBake Update newsletter, May, 2013

Caledonia’s cause

We work closely with our clients and regularly speak and exhibit at bakery industry events. This month, CyBake sales director Martin Coyle appeared at the 126th National Association of Master Bakers conference in Bournemouth alongside EPOS Group’s Nick Turner-Brown. The duo presented a well-received seminar entitled “Independents’ Day, How To Use IT to Beat the Corporations”. You can get a flavour of their session in this online presentation.

We then took our “fight-back-against-the-multiples” message to Glasgow’s Crowne Plaza Hotel, where we exhibited at the Scottish Bakers’ 122nd annual conference. With customers like Perthshire’s S. M. Bayne & Co, Johnstons of Thurso and Edinburgh’s Patisserie Joldo, this was one of the biggest events of the year for the CyBake team.

Who you gonna call?

A big CyBake user family welcome goes out this month to Kent’s Plaxtol Village Bakery, a family-run retail chain and wholesaler. The business started 38 years ago in the village of Plaxtol, operates two shops and serves over 40 wholesale customers.

Plaxtol’s most famous resident is Lady Vain, the ghost of a noblewoman who reputedly gallops about the area’s Fairlawns Estate. Although it doesn’t run a shop in the village any longer, it seems that the bakery cannot  shake off these spectral origins. In April, it hit the headlines when its branch in Petts Wood, south east London, appeared to have had its own ghostly visitation.

Spooks aside, Plaxtol Village Bakery came to CyBake as a user of software from Blackburn-based RSA Systems, which was taken over by our bakery technology partner EPOS Group in March. The suggested upgrade path from RSA is now directly to CyBake . You can read more about the plans for RSA’s offerings in Retail Times here.

Cool runnings

Massive respect to our very own Chris Roberts, CyBake senior developer, who managed an extremely impressive race time of 2:48:57 in last month’s London Marathon, finishing 487th out of 34,256. We know we promise a youthful and vigorous approach from our staff but this is getting ridiculous. Stay tuned for more feats of superhuman endurance from the CyBake software team soon, no doubt.

Values you can trust

Independent bakers trust CyBake to deliver the answers they need to succeed. Innovation, reliability, craft: we share bakers’ values. Like many of our clients, RedBlack Software is a family business and we build strong relationships with our customers.

Our retailers include many of the big new names in craft bakery and a large number of the longest-established family firms in the UK and Ireland. Our wholesalers range from big independents that sell to the supermarkets to local bakeries that supply restaurants, shops, schools and hospitals.

To talk about taking advantage of your own custom-fitted CyBake solution, drop us a line on our contact page or give Martin Coyle a call on 01904 622888.