Cybake Instore® – sales-based ordering for retail bakers

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Cybake Instore is our proven forecasting solution that cuts waste by around 20% as well as increasing sales. The solution solves an age-old dilemma: make too much or at the wrong times and you throw money in the bin; make too little and you miss out on takings.

Cybake Instore takes historical sales data from retail bakers’ EPOS tills to forecast shop orders in a way that is not practical manually. Waste is cut and sales are increased as the sales-based orders suggested by Cybake Instore are far more accurate than those by shop managers. The easy-to-use, cloud-based solution is used by many of the UK’s biggest independent retail bakery chains.

Reduce waste, increase sales and boost the gross profit on each line

Cybake Instore maximises sales as well as cutting waste. By getting the right goods on sale at the right times in the right outlets, sales are optimised each day, boosting gross profit.

With Cybake Instore, you can improve the availability of high volume, high margin lines and minimise wastage on lower volume, lower margin items. Head office can monitor orders and outcomes in order to refine Instore’s algorithms, improving the profitability of each line even further.

Reduce shrinkage – save cash with reconciliation

With Cybake Instore, you gain ultimate control, ensuring the right products are made at the right time for the right outlets. Head office gets orders, sales, waste and shrinkage data on any web-connected device – PC, tablet, mobile etc.

Cybake Instore provides reconciliation of what was delivered with what was actually sold through the tills, highlighting any variances between the two. This helps to control sandwich filling portion sizes, for example.

With Cybake Instore you can also manage your shops’ orders for non-saleable items (cleaning equipment, packaging etc). This means that you can properly monitor their useage and shrinkage. This is a function that has saved users considerable (and sometimes surprising) amounts of cash over and above Instore’s usual cost-savings.

No new hardware needed – cloud-based, secure and easy to use

Cybake Instore is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform. There is no need to spend money on hardware or technical expertise. Automated backups and security come as part of the service. Instore works on any web-connected device – PC, tablet, mobile, PDA.

As Cybake Instore is delivered via the cloud, it can count as an operational rather than capital expense. It integrates with any ERP or business management application. Multi-level access/permissions gives you control over who sees what data. Electronic data capture reduces mistakes, reduces data re-entry and standardises processes, with no paperwork required.

See for yourself – order an online demo

To find out more about how your bakery can cut waste, increase sales and reduce shrinkage, why not see Instore in action? Call us on 01904 622888, email us at or drop us a line via our contact page for either an online or in-person demo.

Want to see how Cybake Instore works right now? Get in touch and we’ll issue you with credentials to access our live demo. Access the live demo by hitting the button below.

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