Cybake users win major British baking industry awards

It was great to be at last week’s Bakery Industry Awards in London to see three of our users pick up four of the top accolades. Aidan Monks, founder of Kendal-based Lovingly Artisan, won the baker of the year award and the innovation award for his Kombucha Sourdough (kombucha being a Russian fermented drink made from sweetened tea). Another … [Read more...]

How complying with Natasha’s Law can help you manage your bakery better

The UK government’s proposed introduction of Natasha’s Law poses a challenge if you use manual systems and spreadsheets to manage your retail baking businesses. However, the process of complying with these new rules is a perfect place to start if you are thinking about taking the step up to automating the way you control your bakery. From … [Read more...]

Artificial intelligence project hits the headlines

News about our Innovate UK-backed intelligent dough mixing project with Campden BRI has spread far and wide. The project, which aims to find out whether artificial intelligence (AI) can improve bread dough mixing to reduce bakery waste, has been featured in British Baker, Bakery Business and World Baker. I was even interviewed by The Sunday … [Read more...]

21 years of Cybake

This year, we celebrate 21 years of Cybake. In 1998, I sat down to write a new computer program that would help bakers manage their businesses better. As one of the first wave of programmers to develop business solutions around Microsoft Windows, the idea was to free bakery owners from expensive proprietary systems that relied on arcane … [Read more...]

What is Microsoft’s Azure cloud service?

Last year, we released Cybake 4, a new cloud-based version of our bakery management software via Microsoft’s Azure platform. But what is Microsoft Azure and how does it make life better for Cybake users? Jane Tyler explains.Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service. Nowadays, we are pretty much all avid users of the cloud. From the apps on our … [Read more...]

RedBlack Software releases Cybake Outbound mobile delivery management module for wholesale bakers

RedBlack Software today announces Cybake Outbound, a mobile delivery management module for wholesale users of its Cybake 4 bakery control system. With Cybake Outbound, customers now sign for goods on drivers’ phones instead of paper delivery notes. The cloud-based app loads easily onto drivers’ phones and tells them which customers to deliver … [Read more...]

Why taking orders online beats relying on voicemail

So, you’ve built up a brilliant bakery, worked hard to gain your enviable reputation and you’re taking a steady stream of calls from your wholesale customers to place their orders. But what if you are now so busy that you can’t always get to the phone? When this situation starts to become the norm, many otherwise wonderful bakeries end up … [Read more...]

Why our allergen information system is more relevant than ever

In early 2014, we started work on a new application called Cybake Fi, later renamed as Infood, after requests from our users to help them with the new food information regulations that were coming into force that year. To comply with FIR, the application had to generate specification documents, output the right allergen and nutrition information … [Read more...]

Three key reasons why you should upgrade to the cloud

If you use bakery management software and your application provider’s next step isn’t into the cloud, then, to our mind, you are not really being offered an upgrade. That’s because cloud-based applications will always beat their legacy counterparts hands-down in three key areas. 1. Cost. There is no doubt that using cloud-based applications … [Read more...]